Dedica: Alison Davidson ci ha lasciato

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Dedica: Alison Davidson ci ha lasciato

La sua comparsa su questa Terra è stata densa di intuizioni sulla Via dello Spirito e alla sua incomparabile collaborazione dobbiamo la stesura de “Il Libro delle Porte”.

Dear Alison,
You are now on the wings of the wind,
the higher love that you sought is yours forever,
now the ways of the spirit are open to you,
peace and freedom,
you can fly like a seagull on the ocean waves,
the ocean will unite with your destiny of others’ lives
future and past melt together with the moistness of rain,
every drop of rain will speak of you,
each of our tears will become part of the water
that receives your powdered body
to remake another one of light.
all universes will be your home now.
I love you, in spirit and mind
we will be working again together
to give peace to everybody,
to give peace to us and to your soul.

I love you, Alison,
no words will be needed again for us,
no need for strange languages,
we will meet in dreams,
we will talk through the wind,
through the sunset light,
and when Sirius rises in the sky,
our souls will communicate,
Always and again.
The light of the Neters will be close to you,
open your eyes of spirit,
the Ocean will purify you,

“May the sky make the sunlight strong for you,
may you rise to the sky as the Eye of Ra,
may you stand at the left Eye of Horus
by means of which the speech of the gods is heard.

I love you Alison, forever and ever.


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